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The Alan & Cyril Body Trust

Registered Charity Number 1133557

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 Help the next generation

live and learn.

You can help to support the work of the Trust.


We have a huge impact on the lives of students at Cardiff University, helping them to complete their courses and take their places in socially useful professions - such as medicine, education and engineering.

We make financial grants to students who find themselves in financial difficulties. Many are unable to rely on help from their parents, who may be dead, or ill, or poor themselves. Some students are trying to study and bring up their families at the same time. Rising housing, utilities and transport costs are hard to manage on fixed grants. Many of the students whom we have helped in the past tell us that without our contributions they would not have been able to continue studying.

Since the Trust was established we have helped hundreds of students.

You can make a donation using 


Or you can download a giving form here

and send it to us with a cheque or standing order.

Please use giftaid if you are a taxpayer


We have very low administrative costs.


Our main expenses are professional services to meet statutory requirements for the charity. These are entirely met from the original foundation.


We have no accommodation costs and no paid staff, so every penny donated to us is used for grants to students.


Calling all our alumni grantees:

The recession and cuts in funding have reduced the Trust's income

and made students even poorer.

We are trying to trace all the students we helped from 1990 -1996

Help us to support the next generation of students

and tell us what you are doing now.


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